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Off road / Hydraulics / Automotive test benches

Our test systems, for both R&D and Production, test all facets of product and component performance, and have the flexibility to change test phases on-demand. At InTest we attribute our engineering success to our industrial IT origins: each machine is designed, assembled, and driven with flexibility as the core goal.

Off-road specialized heavy duty diesel engine test cells

Mobile hydraulic power generation, distribution and motion equipment

  • Fixed and variable stroke
  • Hydraulic load sensing or electronic driven pumps
  • Distribution valves, with all feature sets found in off-road vehicle (steering priority; traction flow balance; braking response curve etc)
  • Fixed and variable stroke hydraulic motors
  • Flashing / parameter setup for associated electronic control units (ECU)

Hydraulic cylinders

  • Gas structure leak testing (H, N, He, air)
  • Low and high pressure hydraulic seal leak testing
  • Performance testing over full stroke
  • Special feature testing (damping; regeneration etc.

Mechanical and hydrostatic transmissions

  • Agro tractors: rear axle; gearbox; complete transmission test cells
  • Construction machines: closed circuit pump/distribution/ low speed wheel motors
  • Automotive gearbox
  • Rear axle

Braking system performance and safety checks

Fuel distribution components: pumps, filters, dosing valves

Specialized attachments

  • Rock-breaking hammers
  • Large mining truck electric traction

Cabin and chassis electric 100% feature checks

  • Wire harness pin to pin
  • ECU
  • Armrest
  • Complete cabin testers (harness, ECU, man/machine, lights, wipers etc.)

Complete end of assembly line tests cells

  • Fluid filling
  • ECU flashing / parameter setup
  • 1st startup
  • Heating
  • Regulation adjustments
  • Functional checks
  • Performance checks (traction; boom motion) at full dynamics, generally using wheel-coupled electric axles
  • Noise and vibration measurements
  • Agro tractors: PTO performance checks


  • Shaker testing device
  • Gas analyzing

Roll test bench

  • Automotive roll test bench
  • Off road roll test bench
  • Tire roller bench

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