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Energy and Rail test benches

Our test systems, for both R&D and Production, test all facets of product and component performance, and have the flexibility to change test phases on-demand. At InTest we attribute our engineering success to our industrial IT origins: each machine is designed, assembled, and driven with flexibility as the core goal.

Conventional energy production

  • Generator and synchronous and asynchronous test rigs from 10 kW to 10 MW

New energy / green energy equipment

  • Hydrogen fuel cell: component development, H2 compressor development, Fuel cell stack assembly performance verification
  • Solar: advanced photovoltaic process development
  • Wind turbine: large ball bearing stray torque under high constraints development machine

Electric power distribution

  • High durability, high reliability, high voltage, high current cable assembly device endurance testing
  • Nuclear power switches performance verification
  • Inert gas filled fuses, circuit breakers and switches tightness verification
  • High power transformers winding loss optimization system

Railroad – High-Tech Industry Test Applications:

  • High power gearbox performance R&D test cells
  • Power electronics (IGBT switching) production testing


  • Chillers, hot bands, cold groups
  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Air Treatment Plants

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