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InTest specializes in test benches design and construction. We operate at all levels of industrial production areas from R & D (development and characterization of prototypes) to end of line testing.

  • Our experience allows management of very complex / large projects.
  • In house design & building capabilities for software, mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, aeraulic, safety.

Business Areas

Typical test bench architecture

  • We deliver all hardware required to commit to the test requirements: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, sensors, conditioners, wall protection, computer, screen, cables, piping
  • In-house design, and construction
  • Specifically developed for test benches. Our software suite guarantees “turn-key” delivery to end customer.
  • Comprehensive IO processing capabilities: test bench IOs configuration, signal acquisition, data processors (PID, sliding average, spectral analysis, etc.)
  • Automated overall test bench monitoring and control: temperatures regulation, door opening monitoring, actuators safety controls, actions sequencing, etc.
  • For each application we build custom designed test scripts, addressing each type of product to test
  • Test report are available upon test completion
  • We also provide software to manage test benches. We perform big data processing, centralize several bench parks.

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