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Engineering & Consulting test benches

Engineering & Consulting test benches

Our test systems test all aspects the products performance and components, for both R & D and production, and allow flexible on demand test phases modification. At InTest, we attribute our success to our industrial computer engineering roots: each machine is designed, assembled and managed with flexibility as the main goal.


We have skills and software tools to perform many design types:

  • 1D simulation, multi-physics finite element, CFD
  • Computer monitoring, real time, big data, Web connectivity, automation
  • Physical measurements
  • Mechanical: 3D mesh calculations and FEM static, dynamic, elastic and thermal
  • Electric: design up to 20 kA / 20 kV
  • Fluids (all types including pneumatic and oil): design, sizing and simulation systems
  • Machine Safety, compliance with benches country of installation testing


We build and integrate test benches directly in our workshop

  • Project starts with specific parts (machining, mechanical welding) subcontracting
  • Machine is then mounted, wired, piped, set
  • We carry out the configuration of the test bench
  • We handle test bench packing
  • Including out of France transport specifics
  • We install and commission the machine at the customer site


We are able to deliver full test bench service:

  • InNova Training (Schedule available upon request)
  • Maintenance preventive and corrective
  • Software Service
  • Consulting

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