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InTest DNA

  • We have a culture for complexity, we complete the most challenging projects
  • We have 100% in-house ability for modelling, simulation, design
  • We always successfully complete our projects, with an over-performing machine
  • Our engineers handle all aspects of our projects
  • We have a worldwide export culture, and our clients are multinationals; half of our test benches are in China, in Brazil, the USA etc.
    We ensure maintenance and evolution of our machines wherever they are
  • We ensure maintenance and evolution of our machines wherever they are
  • We have a very strong team spirit and relationship: very low turnover
  • We spend equivalent of our net income in innovation R & D, advanced tools, robotics, computer vision, machine learning, advanced computing etc.

Company History

Steria (1965-2000): Engineering & Software

  • 1970: 1st command & control / test benches
  • 1980: Turn Key test benches, mainly automotive
  • 1990: Move towards other markets (hydraulic, gear off-road)

after 10 years of profitable off-road business InTest SA created

  • 2000: 1st aerospace and energy projects
  • 2003: Inception of InNova Software
  • 2005: InNova specifications completion, development start
  • 2007: InNova v1
  • 2009: 1st “naked” InNova license sale
  • 2013: New InTest premises
  • 2018: About 800 licenses sold ~1/3 on InTest built test benches

Lines of Business

  • Design and manufacturing of test benches
  • R&D and Production test benches
  • Advanced Software Development
  • Test Bench and Consulting and expertise
  • 4.0 Industry Innovation Consulting

In House facility

  • Premises in La Tour de Salvagny (Lyon, FR area)
  • Competence in: Software, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electric, Measured, Airflow, Security
  • Workshop and assembly staff


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